All You Need To Know About the Throbbing Pain in Your Teeth

Anyone who has had toothache will tell you how painful it can be, it can drive you to distraction and painkillers often seem to be a waste of time. The only answer is to seek medical help as soon as possible, Sometimes a dental surgeon may have to prescribe antibiotics to combat infections and decrease swelling before he can carry out any procedures that any be needed. This can also help relieve the pain as swelling decreases and your dentist will also give you advice on pain relief.


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Your dental surgeon will carry out any procedure needed to rectify the problem you are experiencing which usually involves a straight forward filling or possibly having to remove the troublesome tooth.

A filling only takes a few minutes and is carried out with a local anesthetic or indeed no anesthetic at all if you and the dentist are comfortable with this.

You can normally start eating and drinking as normal within a few hours of having your filling. As the numbness of the anesthetic wares off you may experience a slight tenderness in the area of the filling but this is usually gone within twenty-four hours.

A tooth extraction is more complicated and your dental surgeon will decide what type of anesthetic is appropriate. Also, extractions are usually a lengthier procedure and recovery will normally take a bit longer.

As extractions are more complex your dentist will advise you concerning your individual case. As a tooth extraction is a more intrusive procedure you may well experience a throbbing pain after tooth extraction, this is quite normal and your dentist will give you advice on pain relief and once the wound has healed you will soon be back to normal.



Taking care of your teeth well:

This may seem like a difficult subject, but it is quite easy to take care of and can be done easily there is just a particular routine that you need to follow religiously, and as long as you do, you are good to go, and there will be no issue at all. You need to take good care of your teeth if you want to be able to eat all the food that you like so much because if you don’t, you will be left with the option of consuming liquids and nothing more.


In case of a throbbing pain:

Even if you think you tackle the care of your teeth perfectly well, there are still some issues that you might face, and you need to fix them so that it doesn’t turn into something bigger or more painful. The first thing you should do is that instead of looking for things on google and trying to find out what might be wrong and why you feel throbbing pain after tooth extraction, you should consult the dentist who extracted the tooth for you so that you can get to the bottom of it and heal your tooth.

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