Exactly How and What to Eat After Dental Surgery

After tooth extraction, you can eat a variety of soft foods that will help keep your mouth feeling comfortable. In this article we will give you some great ideas for the top soft foods after tooth extraction. Mashed potatoes, eggs, ice cream, and apple sauce are all saf choices.

You can also try a smoothie. Avocados are another excellent choice, and they are soft, too. They are full of fibre and vitamins. Avocados are also great to eat on toast. However, do not consume too much processed wheat, which will irritate your gums especially after wisdom tooth extraction.



Eating eggs as a soft food after tooth extraction is a good idea, as they’re full of protein and easy on the mouth. Plus, eggs contain essential nutrients, including B vitamins and vitamin A, which can boost the immune system. Scrambled or over-easy eggs are most suitable, as they’re easier to chew than boiled eggs. It’s also advisable to avoid instant oatmeal, which is less chewy than regular oatmeal.


Mashed potatoes

When it comes to a soft food after tooth extraction, mashed potatoes come in handy. They are high in fibre and can be made into a tasty meal by adding extras like butter or gravy. However, if you’re concerned about lumps in your mashed potatoes, consider substituting them with sweet potatoes. Make sure to use mild spices. Regardless of what you choose, mashed potatoes will soothe any discomfort and provide a satisfying meal and make a great food to eat after tooth extraction.


Ice cream

Eating ice cream after tooth extraction can help minimize pain and swelling. The cold helps constrict blood vessels and prevents fluid from reaching the surrounding tissues, thus lessening the swelling. The ice cream should be eaten within the first 24 hours after the tooth extraction, when most swelling will be minimized. After the procedure, the area will still feel slightly sore. But, eating ice cream does have some disadvantages. You should not eat it immediately after tooth extraction.


Apple sauce

If you have just had a tooth extracted, you should drink only liquids for the first 24 hours. You can gradually increase your diet after that period. Apple sauce is an excellent soft food after tooth extraction. It is made with only a few ingredients, including apples. The soft texture of applesauce makes it easy to chew. If you don’t want to eat apple sauce, you can try bananas or mashed potatoes instead.



Soups are one of the best soft foods after tooth extraction a great alternative to a greasy, heavy meal. These nutritious meals do not require chewing, and the nutrient-rich vegetables contained in soups promote faster healing and help the body rehydrate. Soups should be lukewarm and not contain large chunks of vegetables. They should be prepared in advance, preferably the night before the extraction. A variety of flavours, including tomato, pumpkin, and cream of celery, can be served.

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