Facts About Using Straws After Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is a painful process in which a layer of blood forms over the location of the jaw where the tooth was present to form a clot. It is the first sign of healing, but any sort of suction process can delay healing or even reopen the wounds. This blog is your guide if you were searching for when can I drink from a straw after tooth extraction?

The patient should not drink for three days from the straw after their tooth removal. They should use a cup or mug for drinking water or other liquid. People should also avoid any other suction activities such as spitting or smoking.


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What is the reason behind it?

After tooth extraction, fibrous clotting of blood forms at the base to protect the bone from harmful bacteria and air, and to heal fast. If you use a straw, it can cause the clot to break and open, and a painful dry base will form. If the socket turns dry, you will need to visit the doctor for treatment on the exposed area and frequent dressing.

In case you face difficulty in drinking or eating, you can use a nutri squeeze bottle with a straw. When you put food or any liquid in this bottle, you simply need to squeeze it, and the eating items will transfer directly into your mouth with no need for a sucking action.

The doctor may advise against drinking any kind of beverage after tooth extraction for a few hours. The suction force a person will use to drink liquid through a straw can open up the wound and cause a dry cavity which is extremely painful. Once the clot is removed, the sensitive nerves and the bone present inside the jaw are exposed to the air and bacteria which can lead to discomfort and infection. The urge to drink through a straw might be strong if you don’t want to suffer long-lasting consequences.


Some tips patients should follow after tooth removal.

  • You should lift your head a little bit when you lie down.
  • You should leave the dentist’s gauze inside the mouth for a few hours so the clot can form properly. After this, keep changing the dressing as directed by your dentist to keep the mouth clean.
  • You should take the pain medications as per the instructions as it reduces inflammation and provides relief.
  • You should not rinse the mouth often as it will disrupt the blood clotting.
  • You should use an ice pack over the area to reduce the swelling and pain.
  • You should not use the straw and avoid spitting for 24 hours after the surgical procedure.
  • You should avoid the use of tobacco products for at least 72 hours after the surgical procedure.

If you follow all these instructions, you will be back to normal very soon with a healthy smile. Otherwise, the period to heal will increase, and it will only cause you discomfort. If you have reached the end, you must have found the answer to when can I drink from a straw after tooth extraction?

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