Get Coverage for your Emergency Tooth Extraction Cost

When an emergency tooth extraction

is required,

there is no avoiding it! It simply must be done.

and that procedure comes with a cost.

At our website, we discuss emergency tooth extractions,

and the various types

of procedures

with that is the emergency tooth extraction cost.

The cost can range from $150 for a very simple removal, up to over $1000, depending on complexity.

If you are like many Americans today, you may not have dental insurance or a primary dentist. If this is the case for you, we are here to help.

Emergency Tooth Extraction Cost- What do I do?

Most people these days don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around to handle unexpected expenses like these.

and, even if you do, you still want to get

the best deal possible.

Having a hard time finding a dentist? We can help you with this too.

We can help you get access to a network of dentists,

who have met standards of care in order to participate.

If you are reading this article right now with a tooth problem, insurance is likely not an option. The expense, pre-existing condition exclusion (insurance plans won’t cover something you already have!), and the time it takes to get the coverage make insurance an unlikely solution.

But, a discount dental plan IS an option for you.

The discount plans that we recommend

are designed for individuals and families.

and these companies have contracted with dentists who have agreed to take a discounted fee as payment in full.

As a plan member, you receive a discount card that you provide to any participating dentist, which entitles you to the discounted rate.

This means than instead of walking into a dentist and worrying

about paying the full emergency tooth extraction cost, you will get a DISCOUNT!

How fast can the discount program start?

Your discount benefits are typically activated

within three business days, and

you can print your discount card from your home computer.

No need to wait or delay. Your pain isn’t going to get any better, and it may actually get worse. You can search for a dentist and make your appointment right away.

These discount plans cover a range of services.

So once you get your immediate issue addressed.

you can benefit from other dental care services

at a discount as well besides

the emergency tooth extraction cost.

Savings on procedures can be as high as 60%!

If a $1000 procedure costs $400,

the discount plan has more than paid for itself.

Do they need to file a claim for my Emergency Tooth Extraction Cost?

The other nice thing about these programs is that you don’t have to file any claims. You just need to present your card for the discount. And, the networks for both of the discount dental programs we endorse are quite large, which means you’ll be able to find a provider.

Both companies offer great customer service,

and there are NO health restrictions.

If you are faced with an emergency tooth extraction,

and you don’t have insurance,

there is absolutely nothing to lose by joining a discount dental program. Just do the math on how you much you will save on your specific procedure!

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