Is It Safe to Have Wisdom Tooth Extraction Done Whilst Pregnant?

As human beings have evolved over the millennia our bodies have altered and we have been left with parts that we could now live without. Things like the coccyx, appendix, body hair, wisdom teeth and others. The unfortunate fact is that these parts can cause health issues such as the appendix or wisdom teeth or just be an annoyance like body hair.  So, the good news is that you can easily live without your wisdom teeth.

As time progresses it becomes obvious that we as humans change. There is no doubt that human beings have come a long way after going through constant and inevitable changings and evolution. However, our bodies are still under constant changes where some of the prominent features that used to help us in their day to day lives back then have become pretty much unusable to us. However, the eradication of these features is yet to take place over time. Some of these features include wisdom teeth. 


What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are teeth that appear as we enter our teens or later at the very back of the mouth. A wisdom tooth might become trapped underneath the gum line and develop at an abnormal angle, potentially creating difficulties. Wisdom teeth were once necessary for a prehistoric person’s diet of roots, plants, flesh, and nuts, but they are no longer really required.

Humans nowadays can cook food by heating it and using equipment to cut and alter its texture. Certain individuals may never grow wisdom teeth, according to anthropologists, since humans have evolved past the necessity for them. As a result, the growth of the wisdom tooth has become more of a hindrance to the current human beings which is why it is advised that once the wisdom tooth starts causing pain the individual must go under wisdom tooth extraction. 


More About the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process:

While going through this process many individuals worry about the procedure for extracting wisdom teeth and it is a worry for women who may need wisdom tooth extraction while pregnant.

For this procedure, the individual must first go for a complete oral check-up. After that, the dental surgeon will be able to advise you if tooth extraction is necessary. The dentist will then set up a date after the completion of the required tests and will proceed with the process. Before the procedure, there is a set of rules and guidelines that the doctor will provide the individual which needs to be strictly followed.


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During the procedure, the professional will then put you under anaesthesia that will help to control any discomfort during and immediately after the extraction. It is very common to expect some swelling, bleeding, and general after-effects of the given anaesthesia.

It is often a smooth process and has very low risks of complications however, the wound needs to be thoroughly looked after and cared for. In case of any infections or excess bleeding, the individual must immediately visit a medical professional.

Although the healing process differs from person to person, it is widely observed that more than 90% of the wound is healed by the third day. 

If you are a pregnant woman wondering if there would be any complications with wisdom tooth extraction while pregnant, then you should note that it can be safe and risk-free.

However, you need to be completely open and honest and tell your dental surgeon about your pregnancy and any health issues and problems that you faced while being pregnant. This would allow the doctors to work according to your situation and decide if it is safe to have the tooth extracted and what sort of anaesthesia can be administered along with any painkillers after the procedure.

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