Reasons for Bad Breath and How to Avoid it

Tooth extraction can be unpleasant, with the numbness and the dull ache tormenting you. While this may invoke pity from others, another side-effect of tooth extraction can put people off being near you- Bad breath. Bad breath after tooth extraction is common, but it is preventable.

Bad breath is caused due to various factors. But the reason is the formation of bacteria in the mouth after the oral procedure or surgery. Let us understand what encourages the formation of bacteria after tooth extraction.


Poor Hygiene

The most common mistake everyone commits is avoiding cleaning their mouth after the procedure because they are afraid of pain. Also, you might be afraid of damaging the wound. But, lack of brushing allows the plaque to stay inside the mouth, and food particles stuck on your teeth also begin to rot in the mouth, making our mouth a breeding place for bacteria and germs that release chemicals that come out as bad breath.

Use a brush with soft bristles to clean your teeth, and take extra care when touching the sensitive area. Do not gargle and spit too much. Follow this, and your oral hygiene will be first class. You can also use a mouth freshener after 24 hours of the surgery.


Dry Mouth

Since your mouth is left open for quite some time during the procedure and numbed by the anaesthetic, it might take some time for saliva secretion. Saliva is helpful for digestion and also acts as a cleaning agent for the mouth. It cleans the bacteria in the mouth; bacteria stay and create a foul smell without its presence. Drink much water to avoid dryness in the mouth. Clean your mouth after every meal.



If the wound is not healing correctly, there is a possibility of infection and pus formation is the worst-case scenario, do not wait till this stage to get medical help. Approach the doctor immediately if your bleeding doesn’t stop after a while.


Dry Socket

This is another common condition after tooth extraction, but this is caused due to the ignorance of the patient. You will get a dry socket instead of a blot clot if you smoke or drink through a straw. In this condition, your bones are exposed before healing.

Do not rinse your mouth often and spit. Avoid alcohol and smoking completely until the wounds heal. The damage caused could be permanent in this case. You will have to go to the doctor then, get the debris on the bones cleaned, and have the hole filled.



Bottom Line

Oral hygiene is essential after surgery. Follow the doctor’s instructions, and you will be all right. Do not try any home remedies without consulting your doctor. Drink plenty of water, take your medications on time, and add high water content to avoid bad breath after tooth extraction. Consult a doctor immediately in case of persistent bad breath and dry mouth. Tooth extraction can be painful; you do not want another infection in that mix.

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