Should I Clean My Teeth After Having A Tooth Taken Out?

Any type of dental procedure will probably disrupt the normal oral hygiene routine of a person for a short time. You might be in discomfort, pain, unable to get to your teeth comfortably, or maybe even unsure of what you are allowed to do. 

Especially with tooth extraction, when a person is dealing with an exposed and sore extraction site, it is important to know when you can I brush my teeth after tooth extraction as it can be troublesome when trying to use your regular mouthwash, toothpaste, and water.

You can maintain the best oral hygiene post tooth extraction, but you need to know the safest ways to do so and make changes to your daily routine while you are healing, especially in the first 24 hours. This article will help you understand how can I brush my teeth after tooth extraction and how you should take care of your oral hygiene after such a procedure. 


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Can you brush your teeth after going through a Tooth Extraction Procedure? 

It is advised that you should avoid any oral hygiene during the first 24 hours of a tooth extraction. This includes using mouthwash, brushing, and flossing. Following your tooth extraction procedure, the empty tooth socket will begin the healing and recovery process. Your healing tooth socket is required to be left alone for 24 hours after the surgery to develop a healing clot of blood. 

Flossing, brushing, or using mouthwash can be risky as dislodgment of the blood clot that is to be formed in the socket could occur. This can end up in a dry socket; a common complication after the procedure of removal of wisdom teeth. Dry sockets can also take place if a blood clot does not form properly. 

After the initial 24 hours post the surgery, you can brush your teeth, but you should do it as carefully as possible whilst avoiding the extraction site. Do not run your floss or toothbrush over the extraction site in case it dislodges the blood clots; it can be risky. While brushing his teeth, do it slowly while taking complete care of the extraction area; consider going as close to that site with floss and a brush as possible without disturbing it. 

If you use tooth paste, take particular care to keep it away from the extraction area and may be use less than normal for two or three days.



Having a tooth extraction procedure can be uncomfortable, stressful, and painful in itself, the same goes for the healing process. This can become more difficult when a person fails to brush his teeth comfortably and feel as fresh as they would want to. This is why you must be aware of how and when you should brush your teeth post an extraction procedure for preventing any potential infections and encouraging the healing process to stay on top of his oral hygiene!

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