Tooth Extraction – What is this going to cost?

An emergency tooth extraction can be pricey! And, unfortunately, you usually aren’t able to delay the procedure, given the pain and risk of infection. Plus, even if you could postpone treatment, you really shouldn’t!

And, aside from the physical discomfort and time to recover, the cost adds an additional layer of anxiety.

Ultimately, the cost for a tooth extraction varies based on a few factors.

Tooth Extraction- Geography Costs

First, geography impacts the cost. Higher cost of living areas will typically be on the higher average cost of a tooth extraction. Supply and demand is also a factor. If there aren’t many providers in your area, get ready to pay more.

Your Tooth Extraction Procedure is a Cost Factor

Next, your specific needs influence the cost. For example, a simple tooth extraction will likely range between $100 and $150 dollars.

The procedure is much simpler – the tooth is fully erupted from your gum line, and the roots are not deep. A dentist can do this with some basic tools to extract the tooth, and it does not require cutting your gums.

But, a more complicated surgical extraction, like a wisdom tooth or an impacted tooth, can run upwards of $600. This is a more complicated procedure. In fact, you will probably need to see an oral surgeon instead of a general dentist.

When a tooth is impacted, or not above the gum line, it normally requires the dentist to cut your gums.

The removal of the tooth can be more complicated

depending on how it is positioned, and how much of the tooth is actually impacted.

Tooth Extraction- No Insurance?

Now, it isn’t all bad news! If you have insurance, there is a good chance that your plan will pay at least some of the cost.

Normally, insurance pays a percentage of the very cost

You should check your coverage. Don’t hesitate to call either your benefits department, insurance agent, or the insurance company if you have questions. You also want to make sure that you are getting any necessary pre-authorizations, if required under you plan. If you don’t have a regular dentist, ask your insurance company if they utilize any provider scoring. This can help you identify a quality provider.

If you don’t have insurance,

don’t worry! There are options that might be available to you. We discuss these in depth tooth extraction Dental Insurance. Keep in mind that ANY discount is better than NO discount!

So, we discussed the cost of the tooth extraction, but you should keep in mind that there are other costs too. You will probably need dental x-rays, which can cost up to $150.

There is also costly medication

Believe me, if you are having an invasive extraction, you will want painkillers! There is also the cost of incidental things, like gauze, over-the-counter medications, and basic supplies.

Having an emergency tooth extraction isn’t much fun, but when it comes to your overall health and well-being, you can’t take chances! While it definitely makes sense to seek out affordable care, don’t avoid treatment! Many times, if you delay addressing the issue, it can become worse.

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