Understanding The process of Tooth Removal & Implants

Having pearly white teeth is a great thing. So much so that people undergo expensive procedures to obtain these. Tooth extraction and implants are among the most common procedures. Extraction is the process when the tooth is pulled out of its socket.

The implant is like a prosthetic equivalent of the original tooth placed in position with support from the jaw and the skull. One should have a precise tooth extraction and implant timeline for the best results before starting the whole process.


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Extraction process

The dental surgeon first examines the affected tooth and surrounding gums. X-Ray examination is also standard as it provides a clear plan of action through vivid information.

The process goes as follows:

  1. The surgeon administers local anaesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding gums.
  2. They slowly loosen the grip of the tooth to the socket using specialist equipment.
  3. When it is almost free of the root, the doctor pulls it out completely.
  4. If the location is critical, the surgeon may need to make a few small incisions. It happens when the tooth is broken from the gum line or badly decayed.
  5. After removing the tooth, the doctor cleans and disinfects the socket.
  6. If needed, one may need to use a dental bone graft to avoid jaw bone loss.
  7. In the case of incisions, one may need a few stitches for quick healing.


Process of implants

Implants are a replacement for conventional bridgework or dentures. It is a good option for people who feel uncomfortable with or cannot have dentures. The implant surgery is an excellent process for support or new teeth. The bone needs to heal properly around the new implant. The complete process may take months if it requires several steps.


The process goes as follows:

  1. The oral surgeon starts with a cut in the gum to get to the bone.
  2. They then drill holes in the bone at the location of the new metal post.
  3. They can implant the post deep in the bone to act as a tooth root.
  4. To fill the gap, the surgeon places a partial temporary denture. It is removable, and one can put one when they need it.
  5. After that, one would need to wait for the bone growth. It is necessary so that the bone meets the dental implant’s surface. It can take several months because one would need a solid base for the new prosthetic tooth.


Tips for caring for dental extractions and implants

Since the process is long, one would first need a rough tooth extraction and implant timeline.

Here are some tips to take care of the teeth during the procedure:

  1. One should use a nylon brush for the best results without bleeding gums.
  2. Apart from the soft nylon brush, one should also use soft products like toothpaste and mouthwash.
  3. Floss every day.
  4. Do not eat sticky or hard foods.
  5. No smoking and drinking.

One should always visit the dentist regularly.


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